Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lying Awake and Realizations

As I was lying awake at 2am last night, which seems to be my usual pattern as of late, I realized what a total leap of faith this whole experience has been, and what a beautiful outcome has blossomed from what seemed like a dark, deep, hole to who-knows-where.

I have long been a believer that if we make a decision from our heart, and keep our focus on'the highest possible outcome'  (not even knowing what that might look like) rather than the 'hows' (how is this possible, how am I going to do this, how will I survive, how how how), then the beauty can unfold, and the miracles that are possible can happen.  It's our own need to control everything, that keeps us from being able to plug into what I call in my yoga class, 'the flow'.  And when we miss 'the flow', we cut ourselves short of the most profound and magnificent life experiences.

Though I have put this theory to the test numerous times throughout my life, this has the be the highest leap off a proverbial cliff that I have ever taken.   From this leap, so many incredibly inspirational and unexpected things have come forth, and I will be ever in awe of this experience.

All that being said, it took HUGE strength on my part to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I had to show that I was putting forth intention and that I was committed to all of this.  The ball was in my court and I had to start it rolling.  That I did faithfully. 

Thank you to ALL of you.  It seems that it took a community to bring this child home, and I know that it was a collective effort that allowed me to do what I did.  I let your prayers, thoughts, and support carry me when I was down, your incredible donations take some of the stress off of the financial burden, and tried to keep my focus always in each day, and doing the best I could with what I had in front of me.  There were huge peaks and steep, treacharous valleys, but WE did it.  Yes, WE did it.

"Don't try to steer the river."
Deepak Chopra

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