Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pukar and Uncle Papa

He's obsessed with electronics...and airplanes :-)

Fresh Happiness!

First flowers and first time we've seen the sun in a million years!

It has been ages since I've blogged darn it!  There just seems to be so little extra time to BE right now.  But I'm making time because I got a new camera for my birthday (thank you sweetie!), and I got some great shots of 'My Men' finally!!  Pukar loves his "Uncle Papa!"  We had a nice birthday weekend with Steve, Lucas and Ellie despite my horrific head cold (my immune system is sooo in the dumps)... and YAY, love Cirque Du Soleil.  Can't wait to take some trapeze classes or arial silk or something fun like that!!!  I feel a little old for 32, but... oh well! ;-)
Pukar and Lucas (Pukar's HERO!)... courtesy of the iphone

I also officially changed his name today from FNU Pukar (First Name Unknown) to: Pukar Makani Lund.  I was also able to apply for a passport..hooray!!!  But unable to apply for a new social security card as they have him listed in their system as being here on an alien immigrant work visa.  Nice.  Love the way our Government communicates between departments.  Another A+ for good ole USA! 
I heard today that there are only 13 families left without their children.  How amazing that we have almost all been able to bring our children home in LESS than a year after a closure.  It just goes to show you what can be done when people come together and fight their hardest.  I am so proud of what we all were able to accomplish and we could NOT have done it without each other and all the support we received from our friends and family.  It also goes to show you what a total BOGUS FAILURE it was to shut Nepal down in the first place.  
With all the busyness of the day, we were still able to get out in the gorgeous sun for a cross country ski. Pukar skied on his own for a good 20 minutes in the track before I put him on my back.  He's got amazing natural ability and never ever once ever in my whole life have I seen that kid get frustrated.  It is just the most beautiful and humbling thing.  He's something that little Pukar.  He is truly a remarkable, lovable, beautiful child. 

Just a cute shot of Ellie and Steve!
We are doing well.  His english is phenomenal, and his little personality keeps blooming as he learns new words.  His latest thing is:  "sure mommy".  Pukar do you want some chicken, "Sure Mommy".  It's pretty cute.  And this just fresh off the press:  He just went to sleep tonight without me...yep, we talked about how mommy is going to be right outside the bedroom doing some work and how I'd be in later to sleep right next to him, but that Pukar was going to 'nunu' all by himself tonight.  And holy cow, after about 10 'mommy's, he went out.  The only sad part... Look how he's already growing up!!! Aum Shanti. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Powder Sledding

This was so fun, and Pukar is so cute.  
It's our new, favorite pastime.