Friday, June 13, 2014


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We headed to the Capitol to be heard ~ !!!

On June 6th, we travelled to WA DC and together with many other families who have adopted from Nepal and were stuck in the 2010 Pipeline.  There, we met with our Senators and Representatives to enlighten them to the injustice and inaccuracy of the closure of adoptions in Nepal.

Both Ends Burning has prepared a 53-page report taken from all 55 of our private investigations, (that's over 3,000 pages, and an average of $25K per investigation) proving that the US Dept of State's claims of fraud and corruption in the Nepali adoption system were FALSE.   A copy of that report is available for anyone wishing to read it click here:  THE REPORT

We personally visited Senator Patty Murray's office as well as Maria Cantwell.  We also visited the offices of many of our WA State Congressmen and women.  I felt that in almost every case we were well received and heard.  Though we were unable to meet with the Senators and Representatives themselves, we met with their aides who were responsible for foreign affairs.

We are asking them to follow-up with these actions:

1. Sponsor a Congressional Resolution to open re-open Nepal
2. Call for a Congressional Hearing to Investigate the closure of Nepal
3. Enter a floor speech on behalf of us and our children to correct the record.