Sunday, May 15, 2011

So what have we been doing lately...???

Sending a shout out to our friends at Aama Nepal Orphanage via enjoying our morning tea!


Enjoying hiking and biking in the gorgeous spring mountains:
In typical Nepali style, a little nunu on mommy's back

Uncle Papa enjoys the a little mountain peace
...that is until the little monkey wakes up!

Exploration...the best!

Ok, so no photos of the biking portion of this day, but we did bike way out a canyon that was recently closed by a mudslide, making it a blissful, carefree (or car-free) ride and a wonderful place for a little nunu (nepali for sleep or nap), and a picnic lunch. 

How about a little swimming with Uncle Papa??

The pool is heated...really heated (for those of you who remember KTM!)



Or biking and then taking a little skinny dip???
At first it seemed like  a good idea to wade
But then, "Mommmyyyy getting wet!!"
So like a true nature boy...
why not just get nekked!

 And lastly, a visit with Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Tristen