Monday, August 30, 2010

Light, One Ray At a Time ~ Ping!

Many years ago I was camping in a snow cave.  It was supposed to be some clever way to fool Mother Nature into somehow using snow to keep warm.  It was also a great way to avoid having to carry a tent, along with my snowboard and pack, a laborious 10 miles in snowshoes.  It was a bad idea.  Each morning I would wake to a beautiful dawn, about as refreshed as one can be after sleeping fully clothed in a freezer on a block of ice.  Crawling out from my frozen nest, I would excitedly wait for the sun to rise from behind the mountain peaks.  One ray at a time would literally "ping" me with warmth and hope, until sun made it's way into full view, completely showering me in bliss. 

Today I got "pinged".  A ray of light from that dark tunnel literally came through and just, well, gave me a 'ping', filling me, like that light from the sun, with warmth and hope.  

The possibility of being able to file my 1-600 from the U.S. is true, and I did it.  What a relief when my agency already had all the required paperwork and files all lined up.  The Police Report from when he was abandoned, the newspaper article announcing he was found, the Police Recommendation and his Orphan Status Certification.  All there.  It will soon be on it's way to Kathmandu where it will have to be hand-delivered to the Embassy,  and I will then be put in a first-come, first-come queue for processing.

There are still no guarantees that he will 'qualify" as an orphan, therefore there are no guarantees that I will be able to travel to go pick him up, but it looks so much better than even a week ago.  It is also not known how long it will take to process things.

For the official report click here:  Nepal Update USCIS

So thank you for all your prayers that have already been flying around the world on the wind.  Anything is possible, and if enough of us send our positive thoughts in any direction, they will eventually land right where they need to.

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