Sunday, August 29, 2010

Possible Light in the Tunnel!

It appears there may be light already in this tunnel of adoption darkness!  Though unconfirmed by anyone of authority that I know, an announcement was made yesterday that the families waiting in the US (who are in 'the pipeline') would be able to file an 1-600 from the States, rather than having to go to Nepal to start that process.  In English, that means that we may start our 'orphan investigation' from the US.  Typically it was required that the parents must travel to Nepal, file there, and wait for the investigation to take place (2-3 weeks) and then they were issued a Visa for their child to be able to travel home with them.  Because of the suspension, and the controversy, the US 'appears' to be allowing this process to take place while we are all in the comfort of our own homes. 

No one knows how long the investigation will take now that the spotlight has been put on Nepal.  The ability to produce the 'proper' documents showing that these children in orphanages are truly 'abandoned' is the issue at hand.

Of course this is all in the best interest of the children, and I'm sure there isn't a parent out there who wants to take home a child from Nepal that has a family.  Hopefully the outcome here will be that every single one of these 80 matched children will be able to leave the orphanage they are in either because a) they are truly orphans or b) because their birth family has been located.

I have to trust that, as frustrating as this might be, it will serve these children in the end!

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