Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Phone with US Officials

This morning, at 6am Pacific Time, I participated in a conference call hosted by the US Dept. of State, USCIS, and the US Embassy Officials in Kathmandu. 

The organization of efforts since Aug. 6th, and the expediency in which the US seems to be dealing with these Nepalese adoptions is encouraging for those of us waiting on the other end.  It appears they are going to make every effort to not only process each case as quickly as possible, but also keep us all informed as to where in the process we might be. At least where in the queue we landed.

Though they were unable to give specifics on 'how long will this take?", they are sending boosted personnel to Kathmandu in order to handle the 80 pending adoption cases.  Each case will be different, therefore it's difficult to determine how long this "proof of supporting evidence" will take.  This is based on Proof of Orphan Status as outlined by US Immigration Laws.  There has also been an (one?) approval since all of this started, which is so great to hear!  So now maybe only 79 pending cases?

This call has left me nervous and at the same time relieved.  Nervous; does he have the right evidence?  Will I come this far and be denied?  Relieved; the US Govt. seems committed to process all of these cases to conclusion.

My hope is that no parent that is currently in Nepal will have to come home while their case is being reviewed.  I can't imagine how hard it would be for the children to be having regular visits from their family, and then to be told the family had to return to the United States, and may or may not come back for them.  It's already hard enough to establish trust with these children who have been left by adults at least once already in their short lives, let alone to have it happen again, especially while in the process of trying to bond. 

Keep your positivity flowing.  I can feel it!  Namaste.


  1. Jenni: Wow! Thank you for sending the link to your blog. I will be thinking of you - and your child - as you both journey through this process. Good things will happen.
    Warmest thoughts,
    Diane Peterson

  2. Jenni, it is good news that you can file from the U.S. As a couple here in Nepal I can tell you that the waiting is terrible. Unlike home we don't have the distractions to keep our minds busy. It is easy to focus on the negative but stay positive and stay focused on the bigger issue - A child that needs your love! We wish you the very best in your journey and pray you have a positive result. In the mean-time we will be here in Kathmandu wondering about our own investigation.
    Stay strong........The Browns

  3. Thank you for your comment. As you know, I follow your blog, and hang onto every word. I am so hoping for a happy and timely resolution for your case. It would be a big win for all of us to have all of you in Kathmandu receive good news! The wait is excruciating from here as well, but yes, easy to 'plug in' and attempt to dull the roar. Is it possible to volunteer at the orphanage while you wait? Just an idea to help wile away the hours and connect with your boy?