Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breathe and Trust

Today it felt like I was in the flow.  My paperwork is on it's way to Kathmandu, I got word from the Embassy that my 60-day extension will be submitted for processing, and the Dept of Homeland Security let me know that I have an appointment to update my fingerprints.   These are ALL key components of this fire-hoop-jumping process.   The tides seemed to have shifted a little in my favor. 

I have always loved rocketing myself in a metal tube (aka: airplane) through the air (which still seems ridiculously impossible), into the unknown.  This is usually a foreign place that I have never been, with a small plan and a good travel guide.   Through these experiences I have learned a lot about life.  This teacher is like no other.  Letting go of expectations, being in the moment, and allowing my perception of a particular situation 'marinate', because over time, there's usually a reason why something that seemed 'bad',  actually ended up being 'good' when allowed a little more time and little less of a zoom lens.  I have learned to believe that though it can be hard, Life is essentially good, and the Universe is on our side.

Intention, action, and release.   Today there was a little release.  It feels good.  I can breathe.  Thanks for the goodness you've all been sending my way... and let the wind blow!


  1. Jenni:
    Thank you so much for sending the link to your blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey through this process. I will keep checking in to see how things are progressing. I trust that things will work out and all will be well.
    Best to you,
    Diane Peterson

  2. HI Jenni,

    I am glad you commented on my blog (Ghana Adopt Three)- we most certainly live close to each other! I am just a 30 minute drive from you. :) I read several of your posts and I must say I can only imagine how challenging this time must be for you. I will pray for you and for the right outcome...