Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What would you like first, the good news or the bad news?  Most people say 'the bad news'... but I think I will give you the good news anyway!!!   This is the letter I received this morning, which is very good news:

Ms. Lund,

Your documents and I-600 petition were delivered to the Embassy Kathmandu today. Your case is officially in the queue for investigation.

Since you have received travel authorization from the Government of Nepal, we will then send a request to the Government of Nepal to extend your travel authorization. We will send you a copy of the Embassy’s letter for your records and notify you as soon as we hear from them regarding a decision in your case. Please allow 4-5 business days for this.

The bad news followed.  I read from The Brown's blog, that three cases were referred to The Embassy in New Delhi, which means they were not approved.  This is because the Embassy in Kathmandu can't deny, they can only approve, so this is believed to be as good as a denial.  To further complicate things, all these parents have already signed their adoption decree, which means these children are theirs in the eyes of Nepal.  They can stay in Nepal and wait, go to Delhi and wait, or abandon their child and wait at home.  Wow.

Leavenworth in the Fall
On a personal note, my massive adoption 'Service Plan' is due Sept. 12th, and I have been on a read-a-thon.  My service plan is required and is my personal plan for any number of adoption related issues that can come up when parenting.  Ethnic heritage, Cultural preservation, Attaching and Bonding, Medical and Psychological issues, Transracial Families,  Financial burdens, and more.  Through all this research there has been one thing that stands out:  "I Suffered a  Profound Loss Before I Was Adopted."  These children are all going to need to go through a grieving process.  In reading about all this grief, trauma and loss, it brings up my own stuff (as they say it will).  So on top of the rollercoaster, and waiting, is this deep sadness for all of my own losses.  I see this as good, and I have never been one to run from grief, but it adds a layer of heaviness to the already heavy load.  And the rain comes down, and the leaves turn colors, and fall is settling in.


  1. Jenni! You are in our thoughts and prayers! I hope everything comes thru for you. You are going to be such an amazing mother. We miss you so much! xoxo

  2. Pleased to "meet" you Jenni! That email was a tiny piece of good news wasn't it? I received it on the same day as you and I felt a wave of anxiety come crashing down. Of course, a new tide has come in since then but I do believe we can find comfort in each others words, strength and support. Best, Amy, a fellow Nepali PAP