Saturday, September 11, 2010

Between Gravity and Grace

Deepak Chopra
I wanted every parent in Kathmandu to bring their child home.  This is what seemed in my mind to be the only right and fair outcome for everyone involved.   The news out of Kathmandu  was not ok with me.  People are going home, children are being left, how is this right?  Where is the good in this scenario?

I cannot answer that question.  But in my inquiry, and in my effort to reach out, good things happened.  Among them, I was re-reminded of my deep understanding of that place of balance and ease, between effort and letting go, strength and surrender, the 'sweet spot' I call it,  where one is aligned perfectly amidst gravity and grace.  That's where things happen.  The magic that is, the beauty.

There is no way to control the outcome, but when we bond with others and set our intentions together the power becomes exponential.   Less fretting, more love.  Keeping intentions clear and high.  This has only just begun.

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