Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad News Out of Kathmandu

I am merely going to post today's post from The Browns, who have been in Kathmandu for the past 6-weeks.  This is truly heartbreaking news.

Bad News - Coming Home

Nepal gave us the best gift ever and the United States has just taken it away. We had a meeting with the embassy today and learned that our case is being sent to New Delhi. We were told that one of two things will likely happen, New Delhi will request more information, or they will send an intent to deny. When we asked what more information meant we were told that the burden of proof falls on us and therefore we would need to find evidence that he is an orphan. Just how in the HELL would we do that? We met with the embassy today (the 10th) the letter we were given with the decision is dated the 7th - thanks for letting us stick around an extra few days. When we asked about the other 79 people in the pipeline we were told "they will all likely be sent to New Delhi, nothing in any investigations so far would indicate that any case will be approved"

We are devastated with this news and hope we find understanding. We love this child very much and we will continue to fight for him the best way we know. He is 3 1/2 years old and this is his only hope to get out of the orphanage. It costs the orphanages $2,500 U.S. to place children with the Ministry for adoption. Our orphanage is now out at least that and probably more. If they place any more children it will be the younger children. We feel we made the right choice by not adopting him. He can stay in the orphanage where he is taken care of and loved (better off than most Nepali). However, it does not replace what we could have and should have given him. Rumors are that Nepal will now close their adoptions to all international families as they are outraged at the U.S. government (pipeline still OK with Nepal). I have always loved being a U.S. citizen, but we can't always place our requirements or expectations on third world countries and expect them to comply.

We are all leaving Nepal tomorrow, so this will be the last post. Thank you for all of your support, hard work, and prayers - they will never be forgotten!

Michael &; Karyn

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