Friday, September 3, 2010

Days are Creeping, Hearts are Hopeful

Faces of Nepal

Things might be creeping along a bit while I am in the 'waiting for the investigation' phase of this process.  Yesterday morning my forms were in Dubai, and since I didn't hear from anyone today, I can only assume that they will be delivered to the Embassy in Kathmandu on Monday.  I don't think it could have happened much faster so I feel good about that.

I found out my fingerprint appointment is all the way over in Spokane!!!  Apparently the computer assigns a random time, date and location based on your zip code.  I got tossed half-way across the state!  So I have gotten something called an INFOPASS, which will allow me access to the Yakima USCIS Office where I can, in person only, request for a change of location or date.  I am hoping that if I drive all the way to Yakima they will be able to accommodate me and just take my fingerprints, but sometimes things don't work quite that way. 

On an upside I received a beautiful, inspirational letter from a friend who completed her adoption from Nepal a few years ago.   Her boy is thriving and they get together with other families who have also adopted from Nepal once a year for a big 'festival' (camp-out).  Yay for the little things that can make each day a bit sweeter.


  1. Jenni,
    You may want to take a look at this link - it came as a Google Alert. Senators are fighting across the county.

  2. Thank you to the Brown's for sending me this great link, and for forging the trail in Nepal, as well as keeping me (and LOTS of others) informed as to how things are happening in real time. I appreciate your sharing and the outpouring of support from your tribe. Namaste.