Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big Day Doesn't Happen

We were all dressed up in our Nepali finest and ready to go to my appointment with the Nepali Ministry and sign my adoption decree, but at the last minute, there was a phone call that the Minister was sick.  The Minister is the only one apparently who can sign the documents.  Just another good reason to get the paperwork done and get it done asap.  I feel like at any minute, the whole Ministry could vanish and then I'd be so close and yet so far once again.  It feels unstable here. 

And it's really slow and tedious to get even the smallest thing done.  I remember this from India; don't try to do more than one thing in a day unless you are looking to get frustrated.  For instance I tried to get an extension on my pass to get inside Bhaktapur and I needed photos and photocopies.  So after some time I found the photocopy store ~ not an easy task, "look for the blue doors",  but there are many blue doors and none of them look a photocopy shop.  So I arrive at each set of blue doors;  "photocopy?" And finally,  "Yes, Madam but no power".   "But Madam" he tells me excitedly, "there is another place with a generator not two minutes walk uphill".  Perhaps an hour later, after two people signed and meticulously folded, stapled and cut my paperwork  I had my pass, but when I got home, it had the wrong dates on it.  If you let it get to you, you'll go insane.  So I just smile instead and keep breathing.  Smiles go a long way here.  Everyone smiles, which is one of the things I love about Nepal. 

So tomorrow is now hopefully the big day, and each day I spend with Pukar gets better and better.  He is now so happy to see me, and looks so confused and a little to a lot sad when I leave.  As hard as it is to see that, it's also a good sign that we are bonding.  Well, I bonded a long time ago, but for him, this is so big and probably as scary as it is wonderful.  Just think, a mommy.   A mommy who already loves him so much.  Unreal.

The latest photo journey by Joy: (we are gonna miss these when she's gone, huh!) More Orphan Love

And take a ride on the wild side:  Two videos of riding in a car in Kathmandu  


  1. Hey Jenni- love the pictures. Hang in there. Sunday is a great day to sign too.. or Monday... it will be a great day when it happens.

  2. Crazy car riding! Thank you keeping us posted on your blog and thanks to Joy for giving us some eyes into your experience! Those pics will be missed when she leaves! I know I am still hormonal and all, but the "lots of tears" entry really got me! And I love those pink cowboy boots on that adorable little one! Sending hope-
    Love, Brooke
    PS. Thanks also for the gratefulness reminder-So easy to forget we really have all we need here.

  3. Jen I love the picture you both look so content! Que Nino Tan Lindo! I've been reading your blog daily and trully enjoy your messages and all the pictures! You are making a diffence! The balloons, water colors wow how cool! Echale ganas. "Querer Es Poder". G