Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help from Patty Murray

This is GREAT news!  I wanted to share the letter Senator Patty Murray wrote to Secretary Clinton today on our (families of WA State) behalf, but I can't figure out how to copy it.  Instead I will just share the news with you.  She speaks a few times about how there is already one 'family' stuck in Nepal, waiting to bring their child home.  The message of the letter is essentially that though it is important to work to stop child trafficking, these children in Nepal have been screened and matched with families, and it's important to process our cases as efficiently as possible to allow families, especially those in Nepal, to be able to bring their children home.  Doc Hastings office has also been extremely helpful and in constant contact with me while I am here.   All of this helps me feel I am being supported on this difficult journey.

Today is hopefully the big day.  I told Joy this morning that yesterday was like false labor!  Hope today is goes smoothly.  Thanks for all your support!!!

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