Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Condo is For Sale!!!

It's a sweet little place!
Though the support I received in Nepal was TREMENDOUS,  and I will be eternally grateful and amazed, it still fell short of the bills that piled up, and the debt that accrued.  I was hit with the final lawyer bill this week, and though it is worth it 1000 times over, it requires the sale of my condo in order to get myself out of this hole. 

I am nothing short of grateful for my lawyers, and I feel extremely lucky despite it all.

So if you know of anyone in the market for a condo in the beautiful Bavarian Village of Leavenworth... let me know!

On another note, Pukar was a rockstar at his pre-school and his teachers said he did incredibly well for his first day.  He seems to just roll with the flow, is social and outgoing, and interested in life and living.  He has started a new thing called, "Pukar self".  Meaning he wants to try to do everything on his own.  It's kind of fun honestly.  He's starting to swim with an inner-tube (in the hot tub), despite falling in face first and nose diving to the bottom, he is sledding on his own, walking in his snow boots without being carried, and putting on shoes, socks, clothes as well as taking them off all by his SELF.

Mommy had a stressful week starting work again, and although actually BEING at work was wonderful, the whole dropping off my child for the first day, and leaving him there, hit me hard.  But because he is fine, I'll be fine, and we'll do this thing called "America" and we'll make it shine! 

Namaste, Shanti, Peace, Om, and Thank you again for all the love coming our way.

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