Friday, February 11, 2011

Square Peg in a Round Hole

My first full week back and work and it was WONDERFUL.  It really was.  It felt so natural, and fluid and it was great to see my clients and solve the puzzles of Chinese Medicine.  All those beautiful designs on the body, balancing and harmonizing meridians.  Very cool.

Not so wonderful was watching my little boy become more and more emotional, clingy and sullen as the week went on... it was only 4 days away from me, but by Friday, he was hanging on for dear life.  "Mommy coming back?" over and over and over.  Joy set a timer for him at one point, so he would know exactly when I was coming home.  Pretty cute.  He does love his school, all his new friends and aunties, and is really quite excited about it, but still, the absence of mommy took a toll.  Sigh.  What to do?  I have the most skeleton schedule I can have and still survive... but we'll eventually figure it out.

I do, however, feel like a square peg trying to fit back into the round hole of my life.  It's an awkward and slightly uncomfortable sensation that I'm sure I will work out over time.  But right now, it's strange.

And OK weather... enough!  I loved the few days of sunshine but PLEASE, let's snow or shine already.  This middle ground of gray and rain?  This is NOT why I live in Eastern Washington!!!  

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