Monday, January 10, 2011

Middle Earth

bye bye Kathmandu
I was writing an email to my girlfriends in Leavenworth and described my state as Middle Earth.  It seems very fitting.  Somewhere in between where I loath to be and where I long to be.  I am in S. Korea...all day.  We spent the night in the airport hotel and now are spending the day here, walking around the airport and looking at "PLANES"!!!  He LOVES planes.  Last night when we got off the plane he almost cried cause it was over.  Pretty cute.  Really cute.

I am the most exhausted I have ever felt in my entire life.   It is if every ounce of energy I had has been squeezed from me and I am using the last of my strength to get us home.  Strength and some sort of fierceness.  I guess that's all I've got.  It's very, very strange.

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  1. son of a bitch jenni! it's actually happening! you're coming home a mom!! and, i've been waiting to write to you until today so i could write you a "good luck" note on 1-11-11. you wanted to come home today and you're coming home today. i don't know how much of the timing is your hard work and how much is the universe opening up for you, but they've both done it for you and pukar. i am SO happy for both of you. and me, too, since now i can tell leila she gets to meet her aunt jenni sooner than later. congratulations. nobody could deserve this kind of gift more than you. much much much love!