Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I paid at window 11 for my Visa today.   Yeah, window 11!  All that worrying for not.  It was a formality.  I had to produce all the forms and documents and getting my taxes was no easy task... it took me no less that 6 tries at different places to find a internet cafe that would recognize my flashdrive, and had power, and had a printer...that was functioning.  I was muttering to myself how OVER Nepal I was.   But in the end, nice people behind the glass asked me questions that I answered politely.  I handed over all the right paperwork and the right sized pictures and the right amount of money, and lo and behold, they said, "Congratulations Miss Lund.  See you Friday to pick up your Visa."

Get's not over til it's over ... the final final word comes from US Immigration at the border.  They could literally turn us away if they wanted.   Though not common in adoptions.  Still.  The hoops seem to never end.  However, in my case, once he passes through immigration, he is legally a US Citizen.  Yep.  Pretty cool.

My Note from the Universe today:

Yeah, Jenni, I know it seems that your emotions arise from circumstances, even though it works the other way around. And this is kind of scary because sometimes they literally seem to overrun you.

But I also know that most of the time they don't, which is all the leverage you need.

Just feel good when you can; it'll always be enough.

Can you feel me, now?
    The Universe

The game is rigged in your favor, Jenni.

Looks like we DID IT!!!  YEAH!!


  1. glad it was smooth, no one is going to turn you away at the border!! we were scared to death when coming home from China and they barely glanced up, said "cute baby" and didn't even open that huge fat envelope. So don't stress.. you are 99% there. Enjoy your sugar and your kiddo and you are so close!!

  2. I love this note from the Universe. Perfect!