Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Been Good to See the Sun!

I swear to the Gods it has rained and rained and snowed and rained almost every day since I've been back.  Steve brought me a Sun Lamp this weekend because I am starting to feel like the darkness is getting to me.  Thankfully as well, the sun decided to shine this weekend and we were able to get outside.  We hiked up along Mountain Home in the snow, and then out the Icicle where the amazing mudslide that closed this and many other roads (from the torrential downpour and warm weather last week) could be viewed up close and personal in all her thick, gooey, and destructive glory.  Wow.

Thank you sunshine for providing some much needed relief.  It felt so great to be outside and exploring with my men.  Walking, talking, breathing, listening, smelling, being.  It was a really, super nice weekend.  

I've been home for 2 months now.  Time has flown.  Pukar is adjusting more and more each day and pushing out his little edges now, so he must be feeling more safe and secure.  Doing everything from getting dressed to brushing his teeth "all self" and just being much more adventurous and independent.  It's good for him, and it's good for me, but at the same time a little hard to admit that he's ALREADY growing up (and away) right before my eyes.  And it's only been 6 months.  Holy Cows!

I love love love being a mom, but just finding my groove again, in a way that feels like I'm balancing work with being the mom I want to be (HARD!), and still sinking into the 'extraordinary' way of living that I believe in with all my heart and soul, has been a little elusive.  I'm not giving up. 

Here's a few shots from the past weekend...

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  1. wow oh wow. These photos tell such a great story. Thank you for posting. I especially love the guitar photo of those two up close. And isn't it amazing to feel the sun?