Friday, April 8, 2011

My little Athlete....

I took Pukar skiing this week and we skied for five, YES 5, hours!!!  I thought we'd be done after lunch and cocoa but Ohhh, no... "Pukar want ski more mommy!"  So we did.  It was a great day ... 13 inches of new and storming all day.  Not exactly 3-year old weather, but nonetheless, HE LOVED it!  Not a single complaint, tear, or frustrated moment.  He was ALL smiles.
On the chairlift...Weeee Mommy...Goes Up!
Hot chocolate by the fire...ahhhh!  Sweet Rewards...

Later in the week, we went biking!!!  I got the training wheels for the little hand-me-down bike from my brother and Tristen and we took it for a test run along the river in Wenatchee.  So cute!!  
First video on my new camera! yay, I did it!
Little charger!

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