Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo Shoot

I recently did a photo shoot with some very talented local photographers, Chris Ohta and his wife Heidi.  They offered their talents while I was still in Nepal and we were finally able to get together on a day when the weather opened up enough to allow us to be outside in some beautiful light.  Light being the key word there!  I love the way the photos captured the essence of US and of HERE, in Leavenworth.  And I love how I have three sets of AMAZING photos of Pukar and I, one from the incredible Vicki Taufer, one from the up and coming Joy Juelson at the orphanage in Nepal, and now these from Chris and Heidi.  It's really special and precious to capture these early moments together with Pukar with such incredible beauty.  Thank you to all my talented photographer/friends.

Here is a link to Chris's blog with some of my favorites and few more photos to make the post pop!

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