Saturday, October 23, 2010

Banana Arms and Hippos

"Ball goyo" (The bubbles are going)
Pukar and Maya playing together in Cherie's yard

Interpretive Bubble Dance by Pukar Makani

I was having a lovely lunch with Jane, newly arrived from Uganda to sign her adoption papers, when I noticed the back of my arm was horrifically dry and scaly.  Alarmed, I thought, “wow, I need to lotion up” and then realized my son had rubbed banana on my arm while riding in his new Ergo backpack carrier, which, by the way, HE LOVES (yay for me!)!!!

Lots of happenings here these days.  My life has gotten 110% better since leaving Bhaktapur.  I’m most likely not moving to Pokhara because my support group is here, and I’m figuring that out.  I most likely am moving in with Jane to a flat for a great price here in Patan, near where I am rooming with Cherie.  I like the area, it has lots of Westerners with kids that I seem to meet everywhere I go, and there are some nice conveniences that make life just a little easier.  Stores, restaurants, shops, things in walking distance, and much cheaper taxi rides.  In fact I’ve saved a ton of money just being able to walk.  And with the Ergo, it’s even easier cause I can carry Pukar much further. 

We went to the zoo yesterday and had a great time.  It was a step back in time with people taunting the animals and feeding them paper, too small of cages and ancient, rusting rides, but it was still fascinating in it’s own weird way.  Pukar loved it.  Right when we got there and elephant walked through the kiddie playground and scared him half to death, but after the initial fright, everything else was behind bars so he was highly entertained.  He was really into the hippos for some reason, and they would come right up the chain link fence and open their huge mouths as if to be fed.  A kid could easily put their hand right through there.  Yikes.  Rumor has it that a kid fell into the tiger pen just a couple years ago, so they made it safer.  I don’t know the outcome.  There was an incredibly diverse array of species, all from this area.   Different kinds of dear, hyenas, bear, birds, cats, rhinos, monkeys, hippos, buffalo, and even fish. 

Cherie has gone with her daughter to the Chitwan jungle for a week or so, and I have decided to stay in her flat with Pukar while she is away so I can get my life situated. That, and Pukar is doing phenomenally well compared to a few days ago, and I didn’t want to upset the apple cart.  We have had so much fun together and he’s just been a joy to be around.  I think in the long run we are going to be totally great!  He’s truly an amazing little kid who’s been through so very, very much.

On the bummer side of things, there is a lot that needs to be sorted out with everyone getting RFE’s out of New Delhi.  All the parents are approaching it differently, some spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to fight this.  I just don’t’ feel like I should have to do that.  I have a legitimately adoptable child, and there is absolutely no reason I should have to spend that kind of money, when only a month before I arrived people were all going home in 2 -3 weeks.  So I’m not sure what my plan of action is going to be, but Jane is a lawyer as well as has lived in Kathmandu, and she has a pretty good handle on at least how to get answers and be smart about this if we do have to fight, and it we will.

Without going into tedious detail about all the curios and interesting people I’ve met and things that have been unfolding, I think I’ll just cut myself off here.  I get the biggest kick out of some of the stores and signs here in Nepal.
Saleways, my new favorite Safeway!
This one speaks for itself.

It wasn't open, but somehow Majestic just didn't fit

Just like this one...
Umm,  what exactly is a Human Tailor?

This is honest to goodness the best way to get your shoes repaired.
So I asked the shop guys if anyone knows what 'masstige' means.  No one did.  Sure sounds good though right?  I think I want that on my phone, whatever it is!
Pukar in his new Ergo, loving life.  Gumna Janay...let's go!

Oh, and I got a phone:
98 13 14 15 07
I think Nepal is 011 977 and incoming calls are free.

I have friends, so I decided I had to cave.  It was pretty cheap, and came with 50 minutes and free texts.


  1. Cool Beans! I'm so happy you made it through 1st stage of growing pains and enjoying some fun times. YEAH! How in the world did you get the Ergo in Nepal??? Wow, talk about great manifestation on that one!