Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sleep, sleep and more sleep

In between sleeping and a little internet today (did I say how much I LOVE having internet in my house!!) I managed to get myself together and visit the orphanage in the late afternoon.  Nothing quite like that little smile that lights up his whole body when I pull up in the taxi.  Apparently he's been saying how much he likes to ride in the car, and whenever they are out walking around and he sees a taxi like ours, he tells his Didi's it's his car.  We did our usual playtime with all the kids.  I brought balloons that popped one after another, and we ran up and down the dirt road outside the orphanage being fascinated by kites, (of course), dogs and motorcycles.  When it was time to leave today, I told him in my best Nepalese that I would be back tomorrow, and he was really upset.  The Didi's want me to give him chocolate when this happens, which isn't my favorite idea, but I don't object to their wishes as they take GREAT care of him, and know him far better than I do at this point.  It didn't really work today, but I got him calm before I  left as I would never be able to leave if he was crying for me (hence the reason I am still in Nepal!).  I think this is all a good sign in terms of bonding and attachment.  I really don't like that I had to put him back in the orphanage, but I think it's going to be okay.

I took advantage of my home stay and had them cook for me today so I didn't have to leave the house in search of food.  What a blessing.  It's the best food I've eaten since I've been here, served right in my humble, little room.

Not much to report today other than I have the kindest taxi driver who is exactly what I remember from the Nepal I fell in love with years ago.  This gentleness, and real genuine caring nature.  The children at the orphanage love him.  He even stopped by my house today saying he was 'scared' because I didn't call him as we had planned the day before.  It's people like him and the owners of my house that help make this all do-able.

I tried to include some very random shots from the last couple days but they wouldn't upload (bad connection) so maybe next time.  Here is a link to an interesting article posted by Cherie, one of the mom's here.  It also has two-links on it of radio interview with a couple of the other moms, one on NPR.  Cherie's blog

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