Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain

The biggest day of Dasain was rained out...beautiful, red saris walking down muddy streets, and guts and gore washed away by the cleansing of Mother Earth.  I didn't even venture out of the house until the late afternoon and missed the blood bath.  I know that sounds harsh, but in this day and age, my Western mind has a hard time comprehending 'sacrifices', as open minded as I am.  I did see some intestines wrapped around the front grill of a car, and most all vehicles had beautiful flowers along with some bloody remnants on them somewhere.  Very strange.

For me Dasain is mostly an inconvenience.  I'm anxious for my investigation to come to a completion and waiting around in Nepal while everyone celebrates is not how I would spend my time given a choice.  Sigh.

Pukar and I are doing well, every day is a little better than the last.  I sleep easier, and worry less, he's eating better, and crying less, and we are both learning new words every day.  He asks for Mommy instead of Auntie at night (that's what he called his caretaker) if he wakes, and seems pretty happy most of the time, except when he's not getting what he wants.  Two is a rough age in any culture, I'm pretty sure.   All in all he's an absolutely great kid, and I'm a lucky mom who's tired of being in Kathmandu and would love more than anything to bring my son home.

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