Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Night with Mommy

Great night for Pukar, bad night for mommy.  The dogs barked all night long, mosquitoes buzzed my head, and every little sound he made worried me, but he slept the whole night and awoke happy as can be.  Not so much on my end.  Haha!

I got him a soccer ball yesterday and after a hard day of play in Durbar Square with numerous other children of all ages (Nepali are so curious and we make easy conversation pieces), we headed home as the sun started to set (6:30pm).  It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from my guesthouse to the Square, and about 2 minutes into it, he started to fall asleep.  He’s not a small boy and the 10-15 minute walk seemed more like 20-25 with a sack of Pukar potatoes in my arms.  Motorcycles whizzing by, horns honking and all he stayed passed out for the rest of the walk and into the night.

He was the most animated I have ever seen him yesterday, full of laughter and tugging on my arm, “gumna janay, gumna janay” (let’s go play).  It’s very rewarding to see his little personality come to life.   We play this very interesting game of chase that he instigates, and it involves him running and then letting me catch him, at which time he goes limp in my arms and wants me to hold him up, swing him or just carry him.  It’s quite fun until it involves running toward stairs as he will just step right off the top stair and trust me to grab him.  Today he climbed up part of a temple and started running for the two-foot drop off.  I literally caught him by the collar in mid air, onlookers gasping.  Very scary.  It seems as if it is some of way for him to establish that he trusts me, but I’m not sure.  That’s just how it feels.  He loves loves loves to be held.

I don’t have ‘the schedule’ down at all so I’ll have to work on that.  Every time I have him all day I have hard time getting him to eat much.  I’ve tried all kinds of different foods that they say he likes and one day he wants it and the next day he doesn’t.  It never seems like enough.  Ugh.  He is VERY interested in seeing the world.  My kind of kid! J  The thing about Nepal is it’s filthy here, and every day we come home covered in dirt and grime.  However, I have the bathroom from heaven, worth the price of the entire room.  Hot water, clean, the shower isn’t over the toilet, new tile, it doesn’t smell, it’s big, it has lights, and they even work.  I’m telling you it’s soooo nice to have a bathroom like that in a country like this, cause at least at the end of the day I can come home and go to bed clean.  It’s those little things that keep me sane. 

Sights of they day:  Goat heads on a cart by the side of the road, open sewage pouring (and I mean POURING) into the street and down the road, a kid on a bike with baskets of bloody bones hanging off the front, back and sides, and a printing shop called Queer Printing.  

Meanwhile, the festival has started and I don't expect to hear much about my case for a few weeks.  Sigh.  I'm soooo ready to come home!

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