Monday, October 25, 2010

Wham% Bam! Pow# Holy Bad Nights Sleep Batman!

I have been thinking about Titles that come into my head throughout the day (and night).  The most recent being from last night’s wonderful interlude.  We had had a couple really peaceful nights so I thought I was in the clear and then ‘wiggle man’ reappeared and he battled it out with me.  I’m feeling wonderfully tired and beaten, while he seems cheerful and awake.  Ahhh, such are the joys of truly remarkable, and I do mean that, journey through adoption. 

We have had a few fairly uneventful days honestly.  The big stress is finding a place to permanently live.  Cherie seems to have struck gold, with a great price, a great location, and a great space with the necessary Western amenities that make life here slightly more doable and more bearable.   That balance could be difficult to strike.  I’m hoping Jane has a beat on it (we are wanting to move in together) as yesterday I spent too much money (taxis) and half the day riding around looking at one horrific place after another.  Dark, cold, damp, concrete, strange, cramped, dirty, way far out in the middle of nowhere, dogs, nowhere to play, and so on.  Wow.  I was more than a little disheartened.  The ‘nice’ places here are priced accordingly; after all this is the biggest city in the entire country; much like NYC to the US.   I have a few people searching for places for us now, including her and myself, so hopefully we will find something in the next couple days.  Jane is adopting TODAY!!! 

No word from the Embassy on my case.  No idea what’s happening there, but am thinking this week I might hear something.  They are swamped as Nepal issued another round of Travel Authorizations which means new parents are coming in by the swarms.   Hopefully some will stay and fight from here, as a lot of my new friends are a month or two ahead of me in the process, and it’s my hope they will be winning their cases and going home soon.   Ridiculous that I am framing it ‘win’; again, it feels like my own Government is not thinking about any kind of ‘human’ being involved here.  It’s all policy, and of course, policy that makes no real sense in the real world.  Like a friend of mine said:  “Policy is a blunt edged instrument’.  Well put.

Meanwhile Pukar and I are better and better every day.  We play, laugh, sing, and of course “gumna janay”.  I met some friends at a swimming pool on Sunday and he loved, loved, loved it.  Talk about cute.  Screaming with delight.  That same day the Himalayas were out in full glory, supposedly due to the 10-day festival and lack of traffic = lack of pollution = clearer skies.  Awesome.  I am also learning how and where to shop, how to cross the insanely busy road (OMG), and how to get enough sleep:  just go to bed when he does.  Which means little time for anything else.  That’s a little hard as I really need a couple hours a day to communicate with the world and my business.  At some point, I may be able to work a few hours a day (many people have expressed interest in what I do), and then I could hire an ‘in house’ sitter for maybe 3 hours a couple times a week to actually take care of me?  Just a thought. 

Other super cute things are:  He loves to have me rub him down with my yummy smelling lotion after a bath.  "Mommy lotion"  He has this certain voice in which he yells:  MoMMY (eee) and to which I reply;  BaBY (eee); and if I don’t, he reminds me by saying:  BaBY (eee) back to me and then we both laugh hysterically.  He loves to brush his teeth; “ Mommy bush teet”.  And whenever he falls down or bumps his head he says to me, “Mommy, bistari, bistari”, which means be careful or slow down in Nepali…and of course we both laugh at that too.  Other not so cute things are:  he much prefers to drink his water from a plastic bottle, and is in the bad habit of throwing trash on the ground and to my horror out the window of a car.  We’re working on that.  And, I have to soak my veggies in iodine, and wash my dishes in boiled, purified water.  A big, fat pain, and also sort of scary.  Our tummies are not bad, but never quite right. 

First though, I need a place to live that isn’t $1000 month.  Anybody got any ideas??? Timeshares in Kathmandu?  Condos on Freak Street in Durbar Square? 

I did an interview on KOHO Radio at 7:20am your time Monday.  I think it went well.  Pukar was supposed to be asleep as it was after 8 here, but who knows why, he was UP in full force.  I guess it was cute though as he was babbling away in the background and letting me talk, for the most part.  Live Interview KOHO Radio

He’s really cute these days, I gotta say.  We talk in our own way, my Nepali-glish; and his Mommy, kay-ho?  What is this?  We seem to find our way.  I hold and rock him and we laugh and giggle and share lots of sweet moments with building blocks and bubble baths, his new favorite thing.

That’s about it from here. Thanks for all the love and support…!!  It is so so so appreciated.  Please know how difficult it is for me to respond sometimes, but I try my best to write back always, and anyone who sends a donation will be receiving a thank you via snail mail as well as email, so be on the lookout.  I’m curious how long that will take.  xoxoxoxoxoxxooo

PS. I wrote this all in between, many ‘mommy, mommy mommy’s”, making eggs, playing with legos, going to the bathroom, drinking water and just playing around.

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  1. Hi Jen glad to hear your doing well. Love the pictures! He's so cute! Heard the radio interview Thank You. Hang in there girl things will all work out. Baby Steps! Luv Ya!