Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Laughter is Good Medicine

Thanks to my mac application Photo Booth we had some serious laughs today.  While the children were napping I busted out the computer and Shanti and Ganga were really interested so I pulled up Photo Booth and started using the effects.  Obviously here is some of the great shots.  Even the neighbors got in on the fun.  Laughter is such a fun thing to share with others.  Even when the barrier of words exists, it's a common language.  It felt really good to have a good laugh with these women who I've mostly cried with over the past 10 days. 

Earlier in the day, I had to go into the hellhole commonly referred to as Kathmandu to renew my tourist visa.  They charge $2 a day to visit Nepal, by the way, and I extended for 60 days.  Not cheap, and I had a little sticker shock and even had to borrow money from my cab driver as I was completely taken off guard by the price.   With the number of tourists coming here I have to wonder where all this cash goes.  Certainly not into infrastructure, clean water, or roads.  And trekking permits are pretty pricey as well, which is what most people come to do.  Double Whammy.

My day with Pukar was absolutely awesome.  He is getting to where he is jealous when the other children want to hang on me, and comes running over and busts in on the action when it's getting a little too lovey without him.  He also really wants me to hold and carry him a lot which is new.  And his big thing nowadays is going outside to play.  He wants me to take him away from the orphanage, anywhere is fine it seems.  And if there are kites, all the better.  He's obsessed with kites.  We had long conversation today with some beautiful children from the neighborhood who had kites and whom Pukar wanted to follow wherever they went. (where was my camera!!!).  They learn English in school and love to practice.  He just wanted to be near them it seems, standing and staring.  Shy.  When I left he had to walk me all the way out to the main road, which is about a 10 minute walk on those little legs.  And when I said good bye and he headed back with his Didi, I stood and watched and he turned around again and again and again to see if I was there.  So beautiful.  Tonight he will come with me and spend his first night.  I hope it goes well.  It's a HUGE deal.

And there has been such a wonderful response from people wanting to help that I  am just blown away.  I will have to do a whole post just on that.   But please know that your generosity is SO APPRECIATED, and words cannot express my gratitude.  Namaste.

And here's a link to Joy's final slideshow:  (darn these are over):  Stupas and Swimming Pools

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