Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Push

In light of the recent phone call with USCIS and DOS, where they revealed, among other things, that all investigations out of Kathmandu are done, and NO CASES OF FRAUD have been found, there is another push to get us on the radar of Congress and get us home.  Please visit They Wait Nepal and sign the petition, yet again!

I am in my own push to get my RFE submitted.  Spent 6 hours on it yesterday, and have another 2 or so this morning to finish it up and get it on a plane to Delhi so it can arrive on someones desk Monday morning.  I'm sending the original docs from here by following the PDF my lawyer in the States created.  I can overnight to Delhi, and it takes her about a week from the US.  So it's up to me to assemble it.  Major time consuming...everything in both Nepalese and English, all these Exhibits, over 150 pages...Get this... I spent $130 in printing yesterday... yep, loco.

Amidst all this I decided to get a mild bout of food poisoning and was vomiting so hard that I had drainage from my sinus cavities for the next 2 hours.  Insane.  I scared my kid, but we used it as an opportunity to drive home how important is not to get the water from the tap in your mouth cause 'it makes you sick!'  Mommy sick?  Mommy bad pani? Mommy pani mouth?  (pani is Nepalese for water).  The vomiting wasn't what freaked him out, it was the fact that for about 2 hours I could barely stand up and had to crawl or lie down.  Thank God once again, I had help.  DeeDee took are of him for me while I pulled it together.  Now I'm up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and anxiety.  Nice.

Meanwhile back in L-town there is a Benefit Concert going on for me TONIGHT!!!  Hope you were able to go!!!  It's going to be such a blast.  Massive love went into that planning and I am so touched and appreciative.  I am thinking we can use the proceeds to buy Pukar a plane ticket HOME with any luck.  USCIS plans to give responses to RFE's in 2-weeks time.  We'll see!

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