Friday, December 3, 2010

Yay! Another day closer ... I guess

Bina and Pukar drag racing

Cute or what???
Well it was just another day in Kathmandu.  Rushing to the Lawyer's Office, spending over an hour scanning documents, finding a pharmacy that carries children's liquid Vitamin D with Calcium (another 30 minutes), dropping off a poo sample at the Clinic, locating a tailor to alter my fuzzy pajama bottoms (brrr cold at night!), grocery shopping, feeding the kids, making sure Pukar gets his favorite banana lassi, and even a little time for Fantastic Mr. Fox and a little book reading before bed.  Does all this mean I am one day closer to home?  It must ... cause it can't be one day farther.  Am I going to make it by Christmas?  Only if it's time for me to cash in on a Miracle.  I'll take one, if it's my turn!

This would be the way, seriously. Gotta love DeeDee in this shot!

Bina and her boots
Snacks anyone?

The extreme juxtaposition

Where everyday is laundry day... must be for a hotel???

And here's the next load.

The craziest mode of transport

Transporting the craziest loads of ???

Rickshaw moving van?

And then there is the dog issue...some not so nice

And others just chillin in the middle of traffic on a busy street corner


In addition to UNICEF there is another person, EJ Graff who is anti-international adoption and who is sniffing around for information.  Stay away from answering any questions to this person and be very wary of her.  Speak out against her if you can.  She is out to make trouble for us. 


 Can anyone tell me the status of the adoptive families in Nepal? Last I heard, there were several -- not sure how many -- who had adopted under Nepalese law and were waiting for USCIS to investigate their I-800 applications. I'm not sure if these were RFE or NOID notices. Does anyone know how many are still there waiting, and if so, which families?

Thank you!
E.J. Graff

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