Monday, December 27, 2010

Final Hurrah

We had our goodbye dinner tonight at Fire and Ice, DeeDee's favorite restaurant.  As usual Pukar hated everything, and I unusually LOVED my meal.  I had salad.  We know the owners and have been assured that their 'process' of both employee cleanliness and food cleanliness almost guarantees no 'delhi belly'...we'll see!!!  Dee's a maniac about this sort of thing, and it's her second home, so I went for it.  Wow...salad.  SALAD!  I don't get any fresh veggies EVER so this is a real treat.  !!!

DeeDee is running around the house now finishing up her packing.  Her flight leaves tomorrow afternoon.  She has her VISA in hand, and the mega-book of sealed paperwork for the US Immigration Officials upon entering the USA.  Wow, don't lose it!!!

Other than almost being run over on the sidewalk by a speeding taxi, then scooping up my kid and kicking the taxi as he went by simultaneously wondering if that was a bad idea, but giving the driver my best 'try me' look, nothing hugely eventful has happened.  Oh, well there was the student riot that closed the streets and many businesses for half a day.  We were tipped off by the US Embassy, but then our babysitter let us know when it was going to end.  Hmmm. 

And on the humanitarian front, a bunch of parents went to one of the big orphanages here the day after Christmas and brought all the toys Mattel donated, as well as a bunch of warm clothes and blankets.  I didn't feel it would be good for Pukar so I donated and opted to not go, but I have heard that it was pretty heartbreaking and also a wonderful thing to do.  Many of the children are waiting for their US families. There was 80 kids in all.   It's freezing here now, especially at night, and the kids don't even have socks.  One mom told me she was going around and just bundling up the neediest kids.  After watching her husband and daughter open presents on Skype all morning and then going to the orphanage, she said it was a pretty huge contrast.  Like I said in the beginning, there is SO MUCH NEED HERE, it's almost hard to know where to start and where to stop.  It's way beyond anything we have ever seen in the States, honest.  And when I hear these stories I'm just so incredibly thankful that I was able to get Pukar out when I did.  Again and again, I just feel so lucky. 

No more word on the Visa front, but I am hopeful we are still on track. 

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