Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Cups of Tea....for Pukar

Ok, so I think my kid was Japanese in a past life.  I'm not even kidding!  It's uncanny the way he acts when we go out for Japanese.  We discovered a Japanese restaurant that we both LOVE.  *Note: It's hard to love places here.  I love it even more so now that I figured out they have a back room where we can sit on the floor.  That's the best with a kid.  I order Chicken Donburi every single time, and it's big enough that we can share, but almost not quite cause Pukar eats ravenously at this place.  Pukar does not eat ravenously, period.  He seems to know all about the hot rag, then proceeds to down the tea (I cut it with water, but still, he sips it and then says, mmmm!  It's unsweetened green tea.  It's not kid food).  When the food comes, he jumps in full force, eating seaweed shreds and all.  He picks up his miso soup bowl and drinks it, and then spoons out the tofu at the end.   All the while, "mmm, mmm".  At one point I thought he was going to start eating with chopsticks but after a few tries and getting nothing in his mouth he went back to eating with his hands and spoon. And he is so well mannered and so much fun to go out with at this place, that I feel like I'm with one of my friends, not my 3-year-old.  To top it off tonight he was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard I could hardly get him on my back to leave.  "Mommy, what's this?"  "It's a shoe horn."  "Pukar shoe no horn!"  ... and on and on.  He was just, plain, funny.  And so cute.  My god is he cute.  He has the whole restaurants attention.  And the best part... he walked behind me at the restaurant, curled his arms around my neck and said, Mommy, I love you.  Who could ask for anything more?


  1. We need the name and location of this restaurant! That is hilarious, you will have to post his picture eating there.

  2. I love this story! I can't wait to meet that little guy!