Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye Nepal, Hello America! At least for some of us!

Four out of eight of us in this photo are now gone... Home to America!!!  The four on the right (minus my little Pukar), Emma and Sujan, DeeDee and Bina are either home, or well on their way.  A dream come true, a great holiday gift and excellent way to begin the New Year.  Sharon and I both have our RFE's in and are awaiting a response at about the same time.  If we are lucky, we should hear from USCIS next week.

It is a happy occasion, but we will miss each other a lot.  Having this circle of women has been a life raft for us.  To lean on, cry with, laugh, and share our fears.  We have been here for one another, and now we will be scattered across the US, with stories that only one another can truly understand.
Amazing, powerful women and moms.

Keep your prayers on the wind, and your face to the sun!  Namaste. 

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