Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis the Season...

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.  When we got the news that DeeDee had received a Visa, I took it upon myself to get a tree.  Up until this point, I was going to wait until I got home to recreate would be too half-hearted and Dee wasn't celebrating. But now, I knew we could celebrate!!!    We ended up with a fake, silly, blinking tree, with some actually really beautiful handmade ornaments that I had bought so Pukar and I could talk about Nepal every year when we decorated the tree, and how we spent our first Christmas together in his birth country.  Next we bought a few gifts for the children, and some for another American family, so that we could demonstrate how Christmas wasn't just about 'getting' but it was also about 'giving'.  Christmas morning the kids noticed the stockings on the wall, and the presents under the tree.  Santa had come overnight.  They have a vague idea of Santa, and it's probably a pretty weird concept, but when presents are involved it seemed easy to get into the spirit!  We did a small gift exchange and watched their little faces light up.  They were so thrilled with the plastic plane and motorcycle (the toys here are so bad, we didn't even try very hard), that we stopped there, and never even looked in the stockings.  We proceeded to have a beautiful Christmas morning, with happy faces and Ella Fitzgerald.  Later, two friends showed up with their children, and it got a little crazier, but stayed very beautiful.  Lots of love, lots of gratitude.  We were with our kids, after all, and many families are not.  We had each other, and we are full of hope, because Visa's are being issued.  It's very different being in country and knowing that you are probably going home within a few weeks, vs. being in country and having NO idea when, or if you are going to go home.  It's much more peaceful being on this side of the process, however delusional it might be. 
Left: Sharon, Sujan, Emma, Shakar, Bina and DeeDee...Pukar Center
He is OBSESSED with planes...and so Excited to have one!!!
Arriving at the Hyatt, which overlooks Bouda; um notice the airplane in his hand!

Where we had our Christmas Lunch

Part of the group!!! The man in front is Rob, from Himalayan Healers who wrote that amazing letter a few posts back. REALLY interesting man to talk to.  Works with empowering women and untouchables.

Emma and DeeDee... Emma left TODAY for America with her son and husband. 

Beautiful interior of the Hyatt

Children playing in the lobby; still has the airplane...!!!

The afternoon was spent at the most beautiful place in all of Kathmandu; The Hyatt Regency.  We were in HEAVEN.  It is the first time since I have been here that I have had delicious food, great service and a nice glass of wine.  Truly astounding and wonderful.  I made a reservations for 15 and I think at least that many people came and went.  It was a stunning party, and very fun.  The Hyatt is architecturally beautiful and stays true to the culture, while maintaining a truly 5-star feel.  It’s an achievement in any country, but especially in Nepal.  I know it may sound strange to say that a hotel is the most beautiful place in Kathmandu, but sorry, it’s true.  Peaceful, elegant, and still feels like Nepal.  Love it. 

Melancholy took over on the way ‘home’ and especially after getting on facebook and seeing Leavenworth, snow, and everyone’s family comments.  But we are going home soon, and I did have a beautiful day.  Plus I have the best gift of all; Pukar.

Merry Christmas to all!

PS... Pukar has not put down his plastic plane ALL DAY.  It now has no tail, no wings, no engine, no wheels, and is, in fact, just a white tube, but he still LOVES IT!!  He is so excited to go to America!!  Every day he asks if we can go.  Sigh...I wish.

Click to see a beautiful photo montage of many of the waiting parents in Nepal and their children by the very talented Vicki Taufer.

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  1. Merry Christmas Benni....we'll have a mini one when you get back...but mostly you and Pukar are the best presents!