Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So today taxis went on strike:  with rising fuel prices, and regulated meters, drivers are getting even.  Dead in the water if you wanted to take a taxi.  Now they get even other ways too, by charging tourists 3x the going rate, but even today that wasn't going to get you anywhere as roads were totally blocked.  Traffic has been unbelievable the past few days as well.  Beyond insane.  And power is now going out a lot.  Even in our super bomber generated building we are having regular shut downs of power without a generator, daily.  And to top it all off, it's getting cold at night.  Still warm days, but brrrr, every night it's colder and colder.  I had started sleeping on a mattress on the floor beside Pukar cause he's such a wiggler, but even with the extra blanket I bought,  I was too cold.  I told him tonight that mommy and Pukar were going to start sharing the same bed again and he said, "YAYYYYyyy!" .  Ok, how cute is that? 

Each day I am getting closer to submitting my rebuttal to USCIS.  There is still a lot of work to do, don't get me wrong, but it is fascinating what I am learning and uncovering.  I should have been home a long time ago folks...that's all I'm saying.  Wow.  What a society this is here.  It is not Kansas, Dorothy, and that's the understatement of the century.

PS.  The Talk Aired and you can get it in the States:  You Tube has it as well as many others:
Google:  The Talk, Nepal Adoption Exile Story.  I can't link it from here as for some reason it's 'banned in my region'.

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