Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Assault of Walking

As we stepped outside our apartment this morning to walk to the grocery store, it wasn't 25 steps in and we were walking through open sewage.  Next was the terrifying gauntlet of crossing the street, followed by being attacked by spewing bus pollution and mad max motorcycles.  I started doing karate moves just to lighten the intensity so we could laugh a little.  It was actually pretty funny.  Some people thought I was crazy, and others I could see laughing along with us.

On a lighter note, Kat-man-poo has subsided.  yay.

And finally, from a letter I wrote to a friend recently when asked to tell them something of Pukar:

Pukar is a super bright and beautiful little 2 1/2 year old.  Our bond grows deeper with each passing day, and it's such a sweet blossoming to experience.  He's learning English, is very inquisitive, loves to laugh, and wakes up smiling.  He's  a boy-boy, meaning he loves to run, jump, climb, bike and swim.  I take him to a pool at one of the nice hotels at least once a week, and bought him a little bike which he has become a pro at.  He's sweet, not a terrible-two at all.  He kisses and hugs me and loves for me to fall asleep next to him and wake up in the same place.  He has bloomed since we left the orphanage.  His eyes are brighter, and it's easy to see that he loves to be loved and have his own mommy.  It's like he was always mine, and yet I've only been here 6 weeks.  It's crazy.  What a beautiful thing adoption can be for both a parent and a child.  I think I got really, really I just have to get home.

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