Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not gonna lie.  The Kathmandu stomach revenge is evil stuff.  Got hit hard last night and was up all night with violent symptoms, thinking UH OH, I'm in trouble.  No idea what set it off.  However, other than a hard, exhausting day, I seem to be recovering.  I had to hire a sitter for Pukar for a few hours today so I could sleep.  Luckily there is a Nepali woman who others have used and liked, and she was available.  I laid in bed and watched Finding Nemo and slept while she played with my kid in the same house.  Very, very nice.  He did fine with her as this is the first time I have left him with anyone.  Yay.

It's been a trying few days... Just sometimes being here is just so, so, so hard.  The environment, the stress of not knowing, the never getting a break, the not knowing if the food or water is safe, the constant sense of being in survival.  Add to that, acquiring Kat-man-poo and you've got deep, bone exhaustion.   But my kid is awesome...truly awesome.

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  1. OH Jenni. you poor dear.

    I don't know if you remember this, but once when you were working at Jay Jacobs (!) you wanted me to screen your boyfriend's calls by saying..."Im sorry, she isnt here...." as opposed to "Shes at work right now..." Can you imagine we once had such simple concerns?