Saturday, November 27, 2010

Walking To Thamel...

Bamboo scaffolding...that's all I'm sayin'

And I mentioned that they live in the construction site, right?

Trash baby... lots of trash

More trash...this being the infamous view that is!

Tuk Tuk Transport Anyone?

The corner store

Ok, this is insane...the human dump truck

Beautiful, sacred, pond of brown scum

Pukar asks me every time we pass by what this is?  Junkyard? Playground? Empty Lot?

Tuk tuk delivery?

A little green relief!

Sherpa headquarters; all the big photos are Joe's: RIP

Temple Peek a boo

Fashion Mantra... gorgeous at night

Royal a Museum

Fresh coconut?

Getting tired?  Try a rickshaw!

Crossing the street...and this is NOT a busy day...mellow...Saturday is a holyday

The most interesting part of this is the wheelchair guy...coming to work where he crawls around on the ground begging

My destination; respite

Mommy! MomMY!  Goose goose!  Two goose!! Mommy two two!

The reason for all this insanity

How cute are they?
 So this was on my walk this morning from my house to the garden restaurant where the Saturday Farmer's market is held.  This was all shot in about a 12 minute walk.  Good times, Kathmandu.  I decided I should post the mundane as well as the great photos...this is the day to day reality.

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