Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RFE Request for Further Evidence

I was going to expound on some insights and thoughts, and elaborate on some of my observations, and, well, be a writer today.  Instead I am writing to say that New Delhi USCIS issued me an RFE.  That is a request for further evidence.  I have 87 days to produce some specific things.

I have hired a lawyer as of this morning, so whew!  Guess I suspected it was coming.

My orphanage director was disappointing on the documents, and that really bummed me out.  These people here just don't have a clue how serious this is.  It's maddening at times, but you know, we live in a completely different world than they do.  Today I was riding a bike (with Pukar of course) through the rice patties and looking at children playing outside mud huts, watching farmers herding buffalo and cutting crops with crude machetes.  It's a step back in time, truly. 

So onto the next phase.  Battle.

In closing, from my friend Janice today:  "Whatever moment we are in--our whole life has prepared us for it, brought us to its threshold--thus, in it, we have all we need, including the power of all future steps."

Bring it.

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