Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving

The Flag ~ love/hate relationship right now!
Wednesday at Ambassador DeLisi's Kathmandu Residence for a short program and some DELICIOUS, very American tasting snacks... Tiny Turkey sandwiches, tiny pumpkin pies, and little pb and choc chip cookies!!! Yummmm!  My kid was so jacked up on sugar it was little frightening.

Nepali Diva ~ little miss Nima

The esteemed guests and lovely grounds

program seating... and speaker podium

Then, for Thanksgiving Day I counted a total of 27 parents, children and friends of parents here from the USA for our gathering at Mike's Breakfast, across the street from where I live.  We have a super amazing, rock-solid group of outstanding American Citizens here in Kathmandu fighting for their kids.  They are not all able to stay, one lucky couple gets to take their child home, and two others are visiting for the second time.  So insane is this whole ordeal, but here we are making the best of it.

Part of The Gang

Cuteness himself

 More of us...

Sexy moms and our buffet spread
Amazing Kathmandu Mom's

Pukar peeking into his present of a soft, fluffy robe brought from the USA by one of the generous parents!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! It seems you've made many friends...isnt that the most wonderful phenomena? You step out of your door and grace catches you.