Monday, November 1, 2010

Photos... while I have the chance!

  Not much has been happening since my case was sent to Delhi.  I’m in a holding pattern, with the exception of needing and trying to find a lawyer and possibly an investigator or someone to help me investigate.  I have received TREMENDOUS support, letters and donations since my KOHO interview and Wenatchee World story, so a huge thank you to everyone.  It helps so very much to not feel alone here, and to know that so many of you are pulling for us.  I’m still waiting for the Seattle Times.

I also found a place to live, thank the Gods!  It’s a great place for me, with another woman named Dee Dee, who has been here since August.  Her daughter, Bina, and Pukar play together really well, the apt. she lives in is very comfortable.  That’s really nice, cause so much of being here is so uncomfortable.  Her present roommate, Candace, is the one who got the visa out of Delhi, so she’s leaving Thursday.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to her as we have formed some pretty tight bonds here, and as much as we want each other gone, we are such a small group, that when one leaves, it also leaves such a huge hole.  Candace and Dee Dee were really connected, so though I can’t replace her, I can help to fill the hole.  Dee Dee and Bina are absolutely awesome.  I feel very fortunate.   Candace will still be missed, but hooray that she gets to go home.

In the meantime, I had a ticket to Pokhara and my lungs started to fill up with Kathmandu crud again, so I decided to leave the city for four days.  The photos of the Himalayas were taken from my room this morning.  It shocked me because I arrived in the clouds yesterday and couldn’t see a thing… and then this morning, POW, they just about knocked me over.

I took Pukar mountain biking today, so there’s a few pictures of our ride.  It felt so good and so right to be on a bike, away from traffic, noise and pollution, just enjoying the beauty of Nepal, they way I remember falling in love with it years ago.

I’m just going to post this then maybe write some more later…
I’m having internet issues, so I hope this posts OK.  I can’t view it myself, so fingers crossed.

View from my bike

Paragliders landing pad... Pukar thought they were a huge excited!

The beauty of nature, ahhhh.

Phewa Lake, Pokhara
My super sweet, oh so handsome boy!
Bathtime and Mommies glasses:  Two great things that apparently go great together!

Another fun activity:  Putting on shoes, any shoes!

My beautiful surprise this morning...from my room in Pokhara


Just so Awesome... I feel the allure


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  2. Is that Ama Dablam??? Fabulous!!