Friday, November 19, 2010

A Step In the Right Direction

I was able to obtain Pukar's necessary and very valuable Travel Document today.  It looks like a little passport and allows him to travel with me to the USA.  Now I just need the Visa.  The Travel Doc's come from Nepal, and they had stopped issuing them when the US stopped approving adoptions.  As of last week, they began to reissue them again, thank goodness.  My in country Rep made it very easy for me to bypass lines and confusion and spend very little time getting my documents.  Yay.  It took a week, but I have it in my hot little hands!!!  This is a big, damn deal!  Some things never cease to amaze me.  The photos were taken at the office today.  
This is an official Government facility...just sayin.  Namaste.

The official desk where I signed for his Travel Documents

Looking into the adjacent office.  The green hue was just there.  ??
Pukar playing with some kids at the office while we wait.

This be it, baby!!!

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  1. Yeah! Baby steps, but this is a good one!
    Sorry I missed the Skype party last night. I was out talking one on one with David Thompson about his trip to Peru.
    Love you!